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Getting sense out of adsense

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getting sense out of AdSense

Putting AdSense code on your web pages is only the beginning to making money with Google AdSense advertising. Once you've added AdSense Content and AdSense Search to your pages, you need to know how well your AdSense revenue is doing in relationship to how well it could be doing. Monitoring your performance so you can make changes to make more money is a very important part of successfully working with AdSense.

When you log into AdSense , the first thing you'll see is the Reports Overview window, with the current day's earnings displayed. Click the top channels link to see the statistics for your top-performing channels. When you click the Advanced Reports-Ad Performance link or the view all AdSense for content channels link, the Advanced Reports window opens, This is used to monitor your performance in the AdSense Content program. It's quite appropriate that the Ad Performance statistics should be the first thing you see in the AdSense application, because as an AdSense publisher, you need to keep a close watch on these statistics. The most important statistic for you to pay attention to is the Page CTR (or Page click-through rate). This statistic measures what percentage of ads are clicked. Page CTR should be in the 0.5% to 2% range (meaning from 1 to 4 of every 200 ads are clicked). If your CTR is consistently below 0.5% for more than a day or two, meaning that fewer than 1 in 200 ads are clicked, then you need to take remedial action fast! Your traffic is going to waste. Most likely, the problem is that Google is not able to accurately serve relevant ads on your pages, because you haven't written the pages to make clear the most important content they contain. Try tweaking your pages to emphasize their significant content areas. In addition, try changing the position on your page of the AdSense ad units, the kind of ad units, and the graphic schemes used in these ad units .Carefully monitor the Reports tab to see which of these measures improves your CTR

Tools for Tracking

To get third-party information about your traffic, a good starting place is to visit Alexa , On Alexa, click the Traffic Rankings tab. Enter your site domain in the box, and click Get Traffic Details. The Related Info page for your site will open. Next, in the Explore this Site box, click the Traffic Details link
A number of different measures of your site traffic, including the daily page views graph will be displayed.

You can use the Alexa metrics as a reality check in terms of whether it agrees with Google that your page views are going up (or down) over time, but you cannot use Alexa as an absolute measure

Webalizer, provides monthly statistics and is available for almost all sites that are hosted on a Linux-based web server. If your web host doesn't make Webalizer available to you, it almost surely will provide comparable software

You can use the Webalizer summary to verify Google's accounting of your page views. Next, click a specific month to get more detailed information about a whole range of topics, including:

Daily usage

Hourly usage

Top URLs on your site (your pages that have the most visitors)

Top entry pages on your site (the pages most often used as the entry point to your domain)

Top exit pages on your site (the pages most often used as the exit point for leaving your domain)

Top referrer pages (the pages, by address, that have referred the most traffic to your site)

Top search strings used (in search engines) to find your site

A great deal of the information that is provided is quite valuable

Web Analytic Software

When your web log software is not enough, because you really need to understand visitor behavior in detail through your site, it's time to turn to web analytic software such as Urchin (now owned by Google as Google analytics), or , and WebTrends, (which also does web log analysis). These are relatively expensive software packages. Web Trends is available as a standalone product (you install it on your web server) or as a hosted solution. Urchin is only available as a hosted solution.This sophisticated category of software can be used to track almost everything about every visitor to your site. For example, Urchin will also tell you how many people bounced off your landing page, meaning they didn't go beyond the first page of your site. If you have a high bounce-off rate, you need to know it so you can redesign your site to pull visitors in.