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Making Money with Blogs

 Writing blogs isnt exactly effortless, but it is something a lot of people do for fun and because theyre updated regularly, Google loves them. If youre going to write  a blog anyway, then you should certainly be making money out of it. The biggest challenge when writing a blog is getting ads that give you good revenues. Because your entries are going to be talking about all sorts of different things, there’s a chance that youre going to get ads on all sorts of random topics. Thats fine, unless your ads are barely giving you enough revenue to pay for the blog. If you find that youre getting lots of ads related to blogs” for example, instead of what youre blogging about, you can try changing the meta name in your template. Delete the <$Metainfodata$> tag and replace it with your own keywords and description:

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">

<meta name="keywords" Content="Your keywords">

<meta name="description" Content="Keyword-rich description">


Make sure that your blog has plenty of keywords and use lots of headlines Containing key phrases, repeating them throughout the blog. Above all though, make sure that your blog has plenty of text. It might be fun to stuff your pages with pictures of friends, family and pets but Google cant read them and youll end up with public service ads instead of revenue.


Old Content


Blogs have to be written all the time, but if youve ever written anything in the past, dont just let it gather dust on your shelf. Give your old work a new lease of life by throwing it onto the Web! For example, Low Fat Linux by Bob Rankin was written years ago. You may be able to find it on, but its not likely that many people are buying it because you can read the entire book for free at Bobs content has done its job of selling copies. Now its doing a second job, selling clicks to ads. What have you got lying around that could be earning you money?

You might have an ebook of your own that isnt selling very wellInstead of attempting to sell your ebook for $29.45, why not turn it into web pages and make it available for free for all to enjoy?  Paste your AdSense code on the pages and you may make more from the ads than from sales of your ebook.  



Volunteer Writers


 To use old content, you have to have content in the first place. If you don’t happen thave any out-of-print books that youve written lying around and you don’t feel like writing something new another option is to ask people to write for your site for free.  Lots of people like writing. Just look at Amazon. They didnt pay a penny for all those book reviews. Their users write them for free and Amazon benefits.Try to put a review page for your product and ask users to write a review which serves you pages of information where you can place ads and generate revenue.