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Generating content

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Good web content

is not always discovered surprisingly quickly. More often, it requires a great deal of work to draw traffic to a web site, no matter how good the content of the site is. To make money with your web site content it's a necessary condition that you have good content either broad or targeted at a specific niche There's a great deal of variation in good successful content web sites. successful websites typically fall into one of these contents

  • The site provides a useful free service. (
  • The site is an online magazine or newspaper.(
  • The site provides opinions in the form of a blog or blogs. (
  • The site provides practical information. (
  • The site sells a popular product or service.( ,
  • The site services a community and provides communication tools for that community (

How will you generate quality content?

Content is a valuable commodity. Great content is wonderful and unique

1. Site owners can hire writers, either as employees or freelancers, or with a profit-sharing arrangement. You can often pick up the rights to publish material on the Web that was originally created for a book, magazine, or newspaper very inexpensively.

2. Communities can supply a great deal of content if you have an idea draw contributions about specific subjects.

3. If you are a writer, you can create content yourself.
So even if you aren't confident that you can personally create valuable content, don't despair: there are many inexpensive ways to publish valuable content without writing it yourself. Don't underestimate the value of resource pages as content. A simple page of links to sites related to a specific subject (for example, sites of interest to collectors of antique typewriters and calculators) may draw traffic if the links are accurately described, kept upto- date, and expanded when new relevant sites.
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How much content is necessary?

There are different ways to go about deciding how much content to create. it significantly depends upon the quality of the content. A single content page might make sense if it contained a valuable application like TinyURL. If your pages are low-value content, you have to make many of them to make significant revenue Here's what you need at a minimum to have a site drawing respectable numbers at the end of one year:

  • 100 pages of quality content to start
  • On average, one new page of quality content a day, every day for a year (each 200-300 words).

Presenting content

Page site and design

  • Type should be legible
  • It should be clear that the purpose of the site is to clearly present
  • The design of the site should serve the purpose of presenting content
  • Specific content items and subject areas should be easy to find.
  • Keep graphics simple
  • AdSense can't interpret images , so keep minimum number of images
  • You will get more relevant ads if you keep each page to a single subject
  • Key concepts, words, and phrases should be clear by glancing at a page
  • Separate the Content from Design
  • Keeping Content Fresh

Things you need to keep in mind

·Understand content categories, types of content, and why people visit content sites.

·Create a plan to build community on your site.

·Find a quality content source.

·Design a simple site that highlights content.

·Separate content from design.

·Keep your content fresh.

·Experiment with ad positioning.

·Create a site architecture that uses includes, templates, or content management software to facilitate flexibility.