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Free tools to increase earnings

Recommended Resources: Try These Tools

And AdSense Utilities (Some Are FREE!) Making life easier for AdSense Partners

Test your mettle with the AdSense Sandbox!

before you apply to AdSense, put your web pages through a 'mock-test' with a FREE web utility called the AdSense Sandbox. It's a great way to determine what type of ads

your pages pull up. You can also estimate your earnings potential from the keywords in the ads. The AdSense Sandbox is free to use, requires no subscription and displays results with a single click. Many AdSense partners are already using it — with excellent results.

Google AdSense preview Tool

If you have Windows Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher), you can now install this neat tool provided by Google to check out ads that are most likely to show up on your web page. It takes just a few clicks and works with any web page — even if you still haven't got AdSense.

Overture BidTool

While Google won't disclose what each click is worth, you can try indirect methods such as the Overture BidTool to find out the relative cost of different keywords here. Overture BidTool displays the relative amounts that each Overture advertiseris willing to pay 'per click' for a specific keyword. You can compare maximum bids for different keywords to arrive at an educated guess about the most profitable keywords for your website. Remember that what Google actually pays you may vary greatly. But you willget closer with practice! ;)

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

Enter a search term and Overture tells you how many times it was looked up on Overture during the previous month. It will also give you a related list of keywords including how many searches were carried out for each search term in the list.

Ultimate SEO Tool j

ust feed it your website address and hit Enter. This amazing tool will show you a list of the most frequently used words and phrases, including detailed reporting of the number of times it appeared as well as the keyword density. Then, hit the "Create Position Report" button to check how your website ranks for each search term. (Can you ask for more?)

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator and Bid Tool

If you are an AdWords Advertiser, you can use this tool to get the estimated bid price and traffic for your desired list of search terms.

Keyword Rankings Tool

How does your site rank on Google search for a specific search term? Find out with this free tool.

Mass Keywords Search

Find out how your website ranks on Google for up to 10 different keywords — in one go! If you'd also like to study the top 100 sites for your specific search keyword, you'll get the results even faster.

Guide to Google-friendly Design

You see a beautiful website with great content. But Googlebot spots heaps of nonsense code hidden behind the scenes. Your Google ranking depends on a combination of

words, design and programming. Find out how to create a relevant, clean and clutter-free website: the kind that Googlebot loves.