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Creating a Site

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Creating and publishing a site

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Creating the website and hosting the website

Creating a website doesn’t even need the knowledge of HTML or any other programming languages. There are a variety of tools to create website , even you can use your MS Word to create a webpage, and use a HTML editor to place your ad. Or alternatively use a software to create the websites which is recommended. It is recommended to use a software tool as MS Frontpage or MS Expression web to embed graphics and text which also ships with an html editor.
Even without this headache you can use to create your own website online. For which you require a Google account and each account can build 5 websites, you can also create a blog at Google’s .

Hosting a website is very simple you can use free hosting services which allow you to place the Google ads along with their ads, alternatively you can opt for professional hosting services. If you are starting off with Google Adsense it is sufficient to use a free hosting service. Try which has both free and paid hosting services. will be the best choice for starters.


Naming Your Site


The first thing your site will need is a name. Thats easier said than done these days. All the best words in the dictionary have either already been bought and built by developers or theyve been bought and offered by speculators. But that doesnt mean you cant create a good name and buy it for a song. Putting two words together with a hyphen can work  and there are plenty of good names available if youre prepared to move outside the world of .coms into .net and .biz etc. 


Your first stop should be to register a domain name and order a hosting plan. One of my favorite sites to do this is GlobatThey frequently offer excellent specials, such as free or reduced hosting for yearAnother stop is Network Solutions. This is a

  service that lets you hunt and buy names, order hosting plans and even submit your site to the search engines. When youre looking for a name, you can just toss in ten options and the site will tell you which (if any) are available. All in, buying a name from one of these service wont cost you more than about $20 a year. If you cant find a name you like and that hasnt already been grabbed though, you can take a look at sites like and These are companies that buy domain names and sell them for a profit. There’s a good chance youll find some good names here but they can cost you anything from $50 to $50,000.

 Choosing A Hosting Service


Your site is going to be stored on a hosting companys serverthere are lots of different options available depending on how much you want to pay and what you need. In general, youll want to make sure that you have about 50 megabytes of space (thats enough for 100 pages!), full statistics reporting and most importantly, 24 hour service. If your site goes down, youll be losing money every hour its offline. If there’s a problem with the server, you want to make sure its fixed right away. You often get what you pay for with Web hosting from “free services that will cost you more than you save to $200 a month for dedicated servers.

  Designing The Site

It used to be said that absolutely anyone could create a website. That was true: absolutely anyone who knew HTML. 

 Today, you dont even need to know that. Programs like Microsofts FrontPage or NVU (which is free; you can download it at let you create sites without you needing to know your tags from your tables. If you can use Word, you can create a website.You can either have fun playing with the programs and designing the site yourself or you can hire a professional designer to do it for you. 
reelance site like  is a good places to advertise. You can invite designers to give you quotes and pick the best based on price and talent. Be sure to check feedback and portfolios though; a low bid is often low for a good reason.