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 Build Thousands of Pages with Other Peoples Content  

What is the focus of your web site?  Is it all about dating?  Do you help people with their finances?   Regardless of your niche, you can benefit from taking advantage of one of the little-known secrets -FREE syndicated articles.   Many writers want nothing more than to have their work published and read. Syndicated content is a dream-come-true for writers AND publishers.  For the writer, it exposes their work to a larger audienceAnd for the publisher (thats you!), it means more quality content for your siteYou might not be aware that there are literally THOUSANDS of articles available online which you can easily add to your web site!Of course, the trick is knowing where to find these articles.  Below is a list that can get you started by showing you where you can find over 30,000 articles that are ready to be placed on your own web site. Please note that each site has its own restrictions and rules for using its contentIn all cases, you must leave the authors name and web site link intactSome sites require that you also link back to the site where you found the articleThis is critical!  Remember that while you are allowed to use the articles on your pages, the content is still property of the author. Please give credit where credit is due! You may wish to publish articles only relevant to your topic, or you may wish to become a publishing powerhouse, adding thousands of new pages to your site.  Regardless of how you wish to approach it, here are a few sites that provide you with thousands of FREE articles that you can republish on your web sites.

A fantastic resources featuring over 21,000 articles covering a huge range of topics.  However, they do have a limit of 25 articles/year for each siteLook through the categories and you can select some gems.

Nice selection of articles targeting women.  


John Watson

John offers his stories for site owners to enjoy and place on their sites.

The site name delivers as promises.  Dozens of categories with hundreds of articles for you to publishMarketing, business, humor, internet, legal,computing, sports, travel and many more.



 Add Public Domain Works To Your Site

 One of the best kept secrets of free content comes in the form of Public Domain works.  Basically, these are books, articles, recordings and pictures whose copyrights have expired.  Since they have not been re-registered with a copyright, they enter the public domain.  What does that mean?  It means ANYONE (including you) can publish, re-publish and/or sell the works without paying a commission to anyone! Think about this. You can build a site with HUNDREDS of pages just by publishing one public domain book on your site! Think of all the AdSense impressions you can deliver. The possibilities are endless. I have two sources that you will want to investigate to find Public Domain works that you can begin using immediately


 Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is the oldest producer of free electronic books on the

Internet. Their collection of more than 15,000 eBooks was produced by hundreds of volunteers. As of this writing, the top 10 most popular works on Project Gutenberg are:


 1.   The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci by Leonardo da Vinc

2.  Project Gutenberg "10K" DVD

3.  How to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett

4.  The Art of War

5.  Ulysses by James Joyce

6.  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

7.  Project Gutenberg "Best Of" CD August 200

8.  How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin

9.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 

10. Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm

Check out their entire library at

Please note that while you may republish these works on your site, you are not allowed to resell the works themselves.The downside of using works from Project Gutenberg is that hundreds of other people may already be using them.  You might opt for less popular works in order to get better search engine placement.


 The Lost Files

 Created by Russell Brunson, The Lost Files is a  subscription-based service that provides the latest works to enter the Public Domain.  In other words, he keeps you posted of new books and articles before everyone else gets their hands on them! Here is a list of some titles available to members:

* How To Develop Self Confidence

* How To Draw and Paint

* Guide To Bowling

* What Character Does Your Handwriting Reveal

* How To Develop Perseverance

* How To Become A Speaker

* Dreams Interpreted

* How To Play Tennis

* Hints On Writing Short Stories

* How To Make Money

I have subscribed to this service and plan on testing some new public domain works on one of my sites. You can read more about The Lost Files at

 Buying Content/ Hiring Writers

 One of the problems with free content is that you can get what you pay for. And if your site doesn’t have valuable content, it’s going to have an effect on your click-throughs. The alternative of course is to pay professional writers to write for you. I’ve already mentioned as a good place to find designers but it’s a good place to find writers too. You can also ask to write articles for you. The advantage of hiring writers of course, is that you can be sure you’re getting good content with little effort. On the other hand, you have to make that money back. Try testing a writer to see how much profit a series of articles generates. If you pay $200 for five articles but find that your new pages don’t give you a $200 increase in revenues, you either need a new idea — or a new writer.

 Automated Content

 Finally, a couple more options you can use to create content for your website are ArticleBot and TrafficEqualizer. Both these tools automatically create pages filled with content based on your keywords, saving you the hassle and expense of writing and buying content yourself. The folks at Google aren’t crazy about pre-fabricated, useless content and it’s unlikely your users will be either. They’re probably better than nothing, but good content is best of all.