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Driving traffic to your site

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If you don’t have a website, I’ll tell you how to build one, get it online and start earning with AdSense fast. If you’re already online and using AdSense — but want to know how to use it to earn much, much more. getting set up with Google AdSense is the easy part. The harder part is making real money with it

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Creating a most popular website

the first step to is to own a website of your own.from this section you will

  • Understand content categories, types of content, and why people visit content sites.

  • Find a quality content source.

  • Design a simple site that highlights content.

  • Keep your content fresh.

  • Experiment with ad positioning.

    and lots more

Driving traffic to your website

From this section you will

  • Understand who is the ideal visitor to your site.

  • Make a checklist and plan for publicizing your site.

  • Submit your site to search engines

  • Get your site listed in the ODP and Yahoo! taxonomic directories.

  • Publish a press release.

  • Create and distribute syndication feeds

    and lots more

Search engine optimization

the important SEO practices

  • Learn to view your site as a bot sees

  • Determine if you need to exclude search engine bots from portions of your site (or, if you already do exclude bots partially or completely, review the exclusion and change it if necessary so your site can be indexed).

  • Create a mostly text, easily navigable site.

  • Work to add appropriate inbound, outbound, and cross links.

  • Choose keywords that make sense for your content, and the traffic you are seeking

  • Make sure your site avoids overaggressive SEO practices

Making Money With Affiliate Programs

From this page you will learn to

  • Identify merchants with affiliate programs that mesh well with your content.

  • Explore, and sign up with, affiliate aggregators and individual merchants' affiliate programs.

  • Integrate creatives as HTML links, banners, and search boxes on your web site.

  • Monitor affiliate statements for traffic, click, conversion, and sales commission statistics.

  • Experiment with your choice of merchants and their creatives to optimize your returns

Making Money with CPC (cost per click)

From this page you will

  • Understand the logic behind CPC and contextual ad programs.

  • Create a realistic plan based on the revenue you can expect from CPC advertising.

  • Enroll your site in a CPC ad program.

  • Use a server-side include so that the CPC ad code is replicated across your site.

  • Choose ad format and colors to match or complement your site design.

  • If your site has enough volume to make it feasible, investigate CPM advertising programs

Understanding Google AdSense

Contains the basics of google adsense program

AdSense Ad settings

From this page you will learn to

  • Apply, and get accepted by Google's AdSense program.

  • File an IRS form W-9 (or other appropriate tax form) with Google.

  • Generate AdSense for Content ad and link unit code for your site.

  • Place the code in your pages, preferably within includes.

  • Add AdSense web and site search boxes to your site.

  • Create a custom search results page that echoes the look and feel of your site

Getting Sense out of Ad Sense

Monitoring the performance

  • Regularly displaying reports perhaps as often as daily to monitor your Ad Sense Content and Search performance

  • Using Custom or URL channels to display results to get a better handle on performance on different parts of your site

  • Learning to use the web log analysis programs available to you to get a better understanding of how your site is performing in relation to the AdSense program


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