Our Mission

Our mission is to help underprivileged people in Bangladesh who are afflicted with thalassemia by giving them internet
jobs through which they can support their medical costs by. Thalassemia affects a large portion of Bangladesh. 7% of Bangladesh are carriers of Thalassemia, and 7,000 babies are born with the disease annually. Thalassemia is treatable through blood transfusions, which has proven to be effective for patient survival. However, these monthly blood transfusions add up costs to the patients treatment, and is an enormous strain on their families, especially adding to the fact when most of these families are already very poor. 

Through the rise of the internet, there are opportunities for these patients to be able to support their medical payments through job opportunities online, especially in the field of data entry, or tasks that need human involvement. The field of crowdsourcing can take its effective workforce from here, in Bangladesh,
with very exceptional results. At the end, the business can benefit from the work of these patients in Bangladesh, while at the same time, these patients will have a chance to survive, and live their lives. Its a win win situations, and our mission is to make this happen. The benefit of this kind of project, versus a continuous fundraising to just provide money temporarily is that if this is implemented successfully, these patients will be independently working, and earning money on their own. There will be no need for continuous fundraisers, and there will be little money needed throughout the project. Money will be needed to startup the project, such as providing laptops, and wireless modems to the population. This can be done by initial fundraisers, and donations from supporters like you. One who donates to this project can be assured that his money will be as if it will be used over and over again, because this is a unique project. This is a project that makes sure that people can be independent in life, not be reliant on continuous funding from others. Although that can also be helpful, in the long run, that can be counter productive because the people will be dependent , not independent. One who can independently support himself will achieve the much needed success and happiness in his/her life. And that is our goal.