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The First Official iKormi Program @ Kushtia Bangladesh

posted Oct 17, 2012, 4:16 PM by Thabit Pulak

The first ever official iKormi program  took place on the 5th of October in Kushtia, Bangladesh in the home of  Dr. Afzal Hossain. There were a total of 10 attendees, all directly affiliated as iKormi members. Workers from both branches of iKormi, Internet Work, and Arsenic Remediation, were represented. Although there have been weekly meetings concerning the work of both branches over the past 2 months, this is the first ever official iKormi program, in which all members came together and were awarded small honorariums for their work to the organization.  Dr. Afzal Hossain, who is the manager of operations of iKormi in Bangladesh, took to the stand briefly and delivered a motivational speech to the rest of the Kormis , citing that diligence and focus will keep the organization moving. Afterwards, the honorariums were distributed. The whole meeting was attended by myself as well from the United States through telephone. For the duration of the meeting, I was able to talk to the members as if I myself were there in person. The overall program lasted for about 2 hours, and was considered a success. At the end of the meeting, 2  iKormi workers, Kanak and Kakon, took a developed bio-sand filter to the home of Sumaiyah, another Kormi worker, who happened to live in an area with tainted water supplies. The filter will be observed to see the real-world effectiveness of the water purification. iKormi plans to hold another meeting next month in November. In the pictures below, various iKormi members are receiving their honorariums for their work in the organization by Dr. Afzal Hossain (this by no means is a "salary" as this is a non-profit organization, and the Kormis are themselves volunteers)

Muddasir Kanak, a Kormi of both internet work and and arsenic remediation receiving his honorarium.
Sumaiyyah, a Kormi working with arsenic remediation, receiving her honorarium.
Bejir Ahmead, a Kormi of both internet work and arsenic remediation, receiving his honorarium.
Abir Hossain, a Kormi of internet work, receiving his honorarium.
Shojib, a Kormi of internet work, receiving his honorarium.

Alauddin, a Kormi working in arsenic remediation, receiving his honorarium. 
Dr. Afzal Hossain talking to the group during the program.

iKormi Bangladesh
The new rapid arsenic testing sensor method that is being tested with the Kormis of arsenic remediation.
Kormi workers Kanak, Kakon, and Shojib working together with a water sample using the newly developed rapid arsenic test kit to check for arsenic water levels.