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2013 iKormi Fundraising Campaign

posted Aug 2, 2013, 2:37 PM by Thabit Pulak   [ updated Aug 2, 2013, 2:40 PM ]
iKormi has come a long way since it's initiation back in 2011. The development of the affordable home-based arsenic water filter and arsenic water test has been nearing it's final stage. I qualified to attend the 2013 Intel International Science Fair with my research and ranked 2nd place in Environmental Sciences. In the International Environmental Olympiad, I won the gold medal. These awards helped propel the legitimacy and promise of the application of this research to benefit the underprivileged people in Bangladesh who still suffer from drinking arsenic-tainted water. 

In the Summer of 2012, when I visited Bangladesh (Read more about my trip to Bangladesh in my personal website! ), I examined many water wells in a village called Rajapur, near Kushtia,Bangladesh. I tested them using my novel affordable testing methodology and found that many of these water wells contained huge amounts of arsenic, which the government had failed to identify. The villagers were drinking the water, and many already displayed symptoms of arsenicosis. I spent the month in Rajapur, and neighboring village Alampur, collecting data using my novel testing techniques, and noting the huge number of homes which had unidentified chronic arsenic contaminated drinking water. Ideally, I would have given my home-based affordable arsenic water filter to these people, but it is still in development and in test pilot. 

Thus right now, our goal is to provide these people with at least a SONO filter, since we have now identified prob-lem sites. The cost per filter is $65, but factoring travel expenses, and installment, the cost will come to about $100 per filter. This filter will be enough to sustain a large family for nearly 10 years. Our target is to help out about 100 families who are in most need in the areas of Rajapur and Alampur, thus the target is $10,000. The money will also be used to continue the development of the home-based affordable arsenic water filter, so then soon people will not need to rely on donations to filter their own water, and can just build their own from home. So far, the campaign has raised nearly $2,000 USD, and we plan on sending out our first filters by the end of the 2nd week of August through iKormi volunteers. I attached the brochure I have been handing out to potential donors below, please check it out! Click on any of the pages to enlarge, or download the whole PDF file below!