Frequently Asked Questions:

What is iKormi's goal?

Our goal is to provide an opportunity of income for underprivileged people. More specifically, we are targeting an audience in Bangladesh who are afflicted with a disease called thalassemia. In order to survive thalassemia, one has to pay for monthly blood transfusions. This ensure's the patient's survival, but can incur high medical costs. In order to relieve, and sustain the patient's financial stability to pay for medical payments, iKormi was formed, to provide basic jobs requiring simple skills like data entry, photo tagging, audio transcriptions, etc. These jobs provide benefits to the clients requesting them, whilst providing the workers with a sustainable income. 

How does this work?

Clients send in work that needs to be done, like data entry tasks, phototagging, audio transcription, or website/content verification. The work is sent to iKormi, which then distributes it to underprivileged workers. The workers will accomplish the task for a small sum of money, and then return the completed task to iKormi. Afterwards, iKormi assures the quality of the completed task, and returns the job to the client. The clients pays the workers involved for the task completion. 

What does it cost?

The model iKormi uses does not require the need of constant fundraisers. Donations are always welcome, and continue the growth of the project, but in the long run, our model is that once the proper equipment are provided to the workers, income will be self generated. A starting fund of roughly $10,000 dollars can fund 30 workers for laptops, and wireless internet equipment. Afterwards, the project should move forward with minimal continuous cost. Donations will be used to buy new laptops, and wireless equipment for new workers, further contributing to the steady growth of iKormi. 

Why iKormi?

iKormi offers services to the public using a humanitarian cause. Our purpose is not to generate income. We are a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to benefit underprivileged workers around the world. Work with iKormi, and there will always be a symbiotic relationship between you, and our workers. Both sides benefit, there is never a single side at loss when work is being done with iKormi. 

Where are these workers?

We are starting our worker base in Bangladesh. As the project starts to grow, and if there is sufficient support from others, we can spread broadly across the world. iKormi has the largest potential to become a successful international non-profit organization.