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Most new users find their web browser confusing the first time it is started up. Even now, 98%* of Internet eX-plorer users don't know all of the features that IE7 provides. That's why we've chosen a back-to-basics approach for the new Internet eX-plorer 8. With an all-new, simplified user interface, IE8 is the browser everyone has been waiting for.

Some of the new Features in Internet eX-plorer 8 include: 

  • Enhanced AdBloK (TM): 

Everyone is annoyed by the flashy pop-ups and colorful ads that litter the web today, distracting people from the content of the page they are viewing and decreasing productivity by as much as 30%*. Internet eX-plorer 8 solves these problems with the Enhanced AdBloK feature. AdBloK scans through each page before displaying it to the user, stripping it of all images, flash animations, streaming multimedia and audio content. Additionally, to prevent popups, Internet eX-plorer is limited to displaying a single webpage, in a single window, at a time.

  • Improved Security:

 Here at Mycrosoft we are concerned about your privacy. That's why the new IE8 includes advanced security measures, such as totally blocking javascript in order to prevent remote exploits. The blocking of all cookies also ensures that you cannot be identified across browsing sessions.

  • Streamlined User Interface

 Most people are confused when they open up their web browser for the first time. The vast array of menus, buttons, tool bars and labels is overwhelming. To simplify the user experience of IE8, we have removed all traces of a menu bar, tool bars, and status bar from the screen. Navigation is now achieved by the use of the four familiar arrow keys on the keyboard: <Up> and <Down> to select a link, <Right> to follow it, and <Left> to go back. It's as simple as that.

  • Easy-to-read webpages

 Using conventional web browsers, some web pages are rendered unviewable due to a bad choice of foreground and background colors on behalf of the website developer. IE8 entirely eliminates this annoyance by disabling all font and color settings. Every web page is rendered in 10pt. black text on white background (system font), with optional bold, italic and underline formatting. Now everyone can browse the internet with ease, no longer worrying about the constantly changing fonts and colors, and web developers have less HTML tags to remember. 

Another common source of frustration is the use of tables to seperate segments of text into confusing layouts that are difficult to navigate through. This problem has been solved by removing support for tables from IE's HTML schema, enabling users to enjoy the common "flow" layout on all websites.

  • Low system requirements; cross platform compatability

Thanks to the tremendous work of our development team, IE now has a tiny memory footprint of 212KB (Windows only), making it the perfect complement to your memory-bloated Windows Vista installation. IE8 also supports multiple OS's, although memory consumption is greater on non-Windows systems.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the browsers for Mac and Linux systems are only able to access the Mycrosoft website.

Screenshot of IE8:

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