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First let me be upfront with you, if you think that you are going to be earning an extra income over night working
on the Internet for just a few hours a day, you are in for a big surprise.  It is not that easy.  It takes time and work just like it takes time and work to start anything new.  You have to find people who are interested, get them to sign up, and invest money into the work you are doing.
Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I want to tell you all about how you can earn money on the Internet without spending any money, or even leaving your home. I am not going to try to sell you anything either. This information I am providing is completely free.

Have you ever wondered how those car salesmen type people earn money?  Well I am happy to tell you.

Lately I have been reading users
blogs, who are doing the same thing as me, and what really surprises me is the number of people that actually paid somebody money to tell them how to do what I am doing now.  I never paid anybody thousands of dollars to teach me how to use the Internet and earn money at it, and I never will.

We are trying to find out how to make money on line because we are broke, owe credit
  cards and have families.  We do not have money to pay somebody to do this for us.

My favorite section is 
the blog exchange sites.  This is a great way to get started with showing your blogs off.  When you visit that section, you will notice several techniques that I use, but my Internet Cash Information Blog, you will see a few other programs that I use listed on there.

Lately you have probably heard a lot about how blogs are booming in business, and they are.  If you notice when you are searching for something on line that you need help with, you usually find your answer in somebodies blog, and usually it is a Google Blog, that is why you have to visit my blog.  That is where I update daily with new things that I find.

A lot of this information I am telling you about has always been free, and yes somebody was smart enough to sell the ideas and it works.  That information is all over the web now, and finding out what it is really about is basically very easy.

Most marketing business fail because you hear these make money from home, easy great, you get to do all the
  things you dreamed about.  Then you get into it and find out really that it does intail as much work from your home PC and it would if you where sitting behind your desk in the office.  The only difference is, you are not getting the same amount of pay weekly, or bi-weekly like you are in the office.

Most people give up, and that is how the marketing companies do get rich.  You have to sign a contract with them, hand them a few thousand dollars, then after a few months of working two jobs instead of one, you give up and go back to working full time in the office again, and probably end up moonlighting to make up for the few thousand dollars you lost from investing.
This information  is pretty much all free anyways, and all they are doing is s elling it to you. Why? Well because you don't know what it i  s all about, and you are willing to pay $49.99 at first. The n you hear how easy it is, and you can buy the full kit  , sign a contract and boom, your rich. It really is not that easy though.

With anything you do, you
have to work at it in the beginning, and you have to work hard. Most of these things take more work then a person thinks, and alot of times they give up. Next thing you know, you just lost a bunch of money you never had in the first place. Some sites do require a little amount of money to earn a little more, but the amount is so small compared to these other companies. The sites I use do h    ave an option to sign up as a Gold or premier member, but the cost is just pennies a day.  I will admit, I did almost get reeled in, and I almost did pay $3,000 for a program.

I will admit that I did once pay $40.00 for a workshop, and I do have to admit, I did get a lot of information, and I ran with it. I had three business days to cancel the contract, and I did. Then I started searching the Internet, and what I have here is what I found. On April 26, 2009 I was accepted by Google Adsense, and in one week I went from about ten visitors from my website a day to over 1,000 in a week. The first day I only had a few, so I thought to myself, what else can I do to get more web traffic?

I have no money to pay for advertisements because I am waiting for some of the survey sites to pay me, so I searched. I came across the FREE WEB TRAFFIC, and remembered doing this some years ago. So I decided to do it again. That is how I received so many hits to my website in less then a week. The first day I started, which was about two days after I put the adsense on my site, I received 300 hits, by the seventh day I received over 1,000 hits. I was getting x2 m  ore the traffic every day.

On my Google Page, you will see a few different ideas I hav
e found about using Google Blogs, Adwords and Adsense.  You may also visit my blog, that is where I post my opinion regarding different things I find by searching on the Internet. 

Most businesses today are starting blogs to give the user a more personal feel, something seperate from their website.  Now is the time to get in on it before it is like everything else you discover, and the internet is so inflated with it, you will just be another website floating around in cyberspace hoping somebody finds you.

If you got this far, you are ready to start your on-line business, and good luck on your adventures with earning money on the Internet.