Celebrate the 100th International Women's Day -- Organize your own "Join Me On The Bridge" Event!

On March 8th, thousands of women and men will unite on bridges around the globe to celebrate women's achievements and put a spotlight on the challenges they continue to face. This year the flagship events will be on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Millennium Bridge in London and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco -- and there will be over 100 grassroots events on other bridges around the world, from Sydney Harbour to the Grand Barriere Bridge joining Rwanda and the Congo.

It's super easy to organize your own Bridge Event! You just decide which bridge you'd like to stand on, create an event on the map and then invite your friends and anyone you think will be interested. You'll need to apply for a permit if required, and then just make sure to capture and share your event with the rest of the world! This site contains all the info and materials you'll need to help organize your own bridge event.

To find, join or create your own event please see Google's International Women's Day site. For more info on Women for Women International, see the Women For Women website.

Join Us On The Bridge

Anyone can attend a bridge event, regardless of where you are in the world, as you can attend either physically or virtually! 

There are 3 easy ways to show your support;
  1. Physically attend the bridge event nearest to you, simply search on the map to find an existing event.
  2. Virtually attend any event on Street View simply by 'checking in' on map on the day (March 8th)
  3. Organize your own event! You can easily create your own event from the map itself, and the rest of this site provides information and great creative materials to promote your event and cause on the day.
NOTE: Please make sure you and anyone you know that wants to show their support checks to the event on the day, to make sure we know just how many people supported the campaign!