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The Virtual Learning Commons of a school replaces the website of the school library with a giant collaborative where teacher librarians, teacher technologists, teachers, students, and parents are creating the academic culture of the entire school. "If they build it, they will use it" is the guiding principle.

We urge you, the viewer to help build the idea bank. And, if you help build it, you can withdraw from it to create your own virtual learning commons for your school.

At the top, you see some initial departments for collaborative building. These may change as time goes by, but two sections, the reading writing center and the KBC or Knowledge Building Center have been constructed to date.

What kind of ideas do we need here? The ideas should be various initiatives of the school rather than for a single classroom. For example, many book clubs can be going on in the school and cross school lines to discuss books across schools or across the world. Likewise, the KBC central contains many examples of super learning experiences that are inquiry and collaborative among teachers, teacher librarians, teacher technologists, reading specialists, experts, administrators and even parents are participating in. Thus, we would ask that examples posted here be collaborative in nature rather than one way assignments or information streams.

You will need to sign in to participate. Send an email to and request membership. Please do sign your name to your idea and hope that others will contribute to the bank from which you and they can withdraw ideas.

This website is part of the international school learning commons initiative at:

Help Wanted

Reading Culture
Ideas that would stimulate and reading, writing, speaking and listening culture across the school  alongside other literacies such as information literacy, media literacy, and 21st Century skills
 KBCs: Knowledge Building Centers and Book2Cloud
Ideas for collaborative knowledge building centers where adults and learners are doing projects together, solving problems collaboratively, doing guided inquiry in both face-to-face mode and on line

 School Culture
Ideas for making the VLC the center of school culture where various clubs, school activities, awards, living school yearbook, events are being posted by selected representatives

 Personal Learning Environments
Teaching kids, teens and adults to create their own Personal Learning Environments consisting of  thier Portal to the world of informaiton, the construction of a Personal Learning Network, and the construction of a personanl portfolio

Experimental Learning Center

Collaborative school improvement initiatives the the Virtual Experimental Learning Center, action research, experimentation, idea testing, building Personal Learning Environments, etc.

Information Center
The informative part of the VLC akin to the traditional library website of usful connections to libraries, databases, and many other helpful resources

Getting Started and Tools for Creating the VLC
How can you or your group get started to help this effort?
 Construction Zones

Sites under construction that would welcome help and  ideas plus tips and tool suggestions.
Model VLCs

An annotated list of VLCs that exhibit interesting or exemplary collaborative features

Social Media Foundation

How social media can be the foundational communication platform for the Virtual Learning Commons
Collaborative Web 2.0 Tools that combine personal expertise to produce collaborative intelligence, including tools and tutorials created by students, teachers, and out there on the Web
Policies and Procedures
How to get a VLC approved, supported, and sustainable across time. 
Lists, lists, lists created by everyone
Collaboratively built connections to organizations, blogs, sites, major documents, people, ideas, community agencies, to the state, nation, and the world

Catalog and Databases Ideas Wanted
Ideas that turn these information sources into collaborative tools rather than just one-way streams of information

Resources for Teachers Ideas Wanted
Ideas for the personal development of teachers to keep them operational in the school; strategies, daily operations; school policies; administrivia; survival


Resources for Students Ideas Wanted
Ideas that would attract students to the VLC to help them personally, as groups, pointing to careers and college - but every section a collaborative rather than just lists; building their own Personal Learning Environments; learning opportunities

Resources for Administrators
Ideas for administrators in the creation, building and sustaining the Virtual Learning commons