Internationalisation at Home

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Project leader: Prof. Anita Mak

Enhancing intercultural capabilities of business and health teachers, students and curricula

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Project leader: Prof. Michelle Barker

About the IaH Project

This Internationalisation at Home (IaH) project aimed to enhance national (Australian) approaches to intercultural competency within Business and Health higher education curricula through

  1. Dissemination of adaptable intercultural curriculum resources
  2. Capacity-building of tertiary educators to embed intercultural skills
  3. Upskilling students to be culturally competent
  4. Research reports, publications, and this public website

The project was funded as an Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT; Australian Government) Priority Project and was conducted at the University of Canberra and Griffith University, Australia (2011-2012).

For more information, see the Project description.

National Showcase - Panel Discussion

National Showcases

National showcases of project outcomes were held at Griffth University and University of Canberra Oct-Nov 2012. For more information, explore the showcase resources.

OLT Internationalisation at Home - National Showcase - University of Canberra