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There are absolutely No any other charges (nor any page charges, nor figure charges/ nor per Author charges).

For more than one manuscript submissions (n) (Subject to acceptance): 50% Charges waived on all n-1 submissions     (Example: For 2 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second accepted submission)

All Publication Charges for 
Journals, Research articles, complete BooksSingle book chapter on any subject,
Certificate Program, Paper presentation in Conference/ Workshop/ Seminar (Webinar)
are as below-

Iraq, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Russia, Israel, Zimbabwe, Peru, Macedonia, Chile, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Syria, Trinidad, Indonesia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Rome, Serbia, Spain, Belarus, France, Mexico, Estonia, Other European countries

USD 99


Sudanese Pound 305


Ghanaian Cedi 198

Ethiopia, Iran, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Botswana, Tanzania, Other African countries 

USD 25

USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Tajikistan               

USD 95

Nigeria, Eritrea, Malawi, Yemen, Brazil

USD 49

Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Rwanda

USD 95 

Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Istanbul, Benin, 


USD 95


Rs. 998


PKR 1800


Bangladeshi Taka 2000     


USD 95

South Africa, Argentina, Czech Republic, Cuba, Jordan, 

Uzbekistan, Oman, Turkey, Lebanon, Qatar, Poland                 

USD 95 


 Nepalese Rupee 2600


Philippine Peso 1500         


USD 39

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Rupee   1900

Cuba, Italy, Egypt, Algeria                            

USD 99

Any Other Country

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Payment option includes Wire Transfer (Bank), PayPal, Credit Card and others

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Discount facility-
Discount facility is available if you submit more than one manuscript at once. Research papers submitted in a bunch will enjoy discount facilities. If you have already submitted research paper, then another papers should be submitted with in month, from the date of submitting first manuscript. 
For 2 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second accepted submissions.  
For 3 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second and third accepted submissions.
For 4 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second, third and fourth accepted submissions.
For 5 accepted submissions, you will enjoy 50% discount on second, third fourth and fifth accepted submissions.

Submissions include Thesis, Books, Book chapter and research articles.  
Discount available on Thesis, Books, Book chapter and research articles, Certificate Program, Paper presentation in Conference/ Workshop/ Seminar (Webinar). This submission and discount also includes files from your colleagues, friends, research students or recommended nominee.  
Authors can also publish their Master's and Post Doc/ PhD Thesis at International Library for Thesis. Publication cost- Refer above table. It will become online across the world for free download. 
You can also publish single book chapter on any subject 
You can also publish a complete book on any subject 
If within next 30 days you submit anything as above and everything for publication, it will enjoy 50% discount. 

Your thesis (PG/ PhD/ Post Doc/ others) for international publication at International Library for Thesis, eBook Chapter on any subject eBook on any subject
Research article/ review/ case report on any subject
Not only this, during these 30 days period your every submission will enjoy 50% discount. 
Not only this, To enjoy 50% discount, you can pay in advance, during these 30 days and can submit your upcoming files even after 30 days within specified timeline set up by you.

 are international and free access to public domain.  Accepted Research Articles, Books and Thesis are Published within month. The Journals are published monthly.

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