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Poor Anthelminthic Properties of Duranta Erecta Fruit Extract On Heligmosomoides Bakeri Eggs 

Dr. Udobi Munachimso Ihuoma* 

The chemotherapy of gastrointestinal (GI) helminthosis relies mainly on the use of anthelminthics. However, concerns over occurrence of drug resistance have encouraged the search for new drug leads. This work was designed to evaluate the anthelminthic effect produced in vitro by the methanol extract of Duranta erecta fruits using the Egg Hatch Assay method. The results of the study showed that the plant extract was found to contain several chemical components including flavonoids, tannins, polyuronides, saponins, glycosides and terpenes which favoured anthelminthic activity. However, the in vitro assay revealed that the plant extract had a poor anthelminthic effect (LC50 Extract= 0.796mg/ml) when compared with Albendazole, a standard anthelminthic (LC50 Albendazole= 0.193µg/ml) and therefore should not be considered a suitable option for GI helminth control.