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Topic 12 - Extraction and uses of metals



At the end of this section you should be able to:
5.1     explain how the methods of extraction of the metals in this section are related to their positions in the reactivity series

5.2     describe and explain the extraction of Aluminium from purified Aluminium Oxide by electrolysis, including:
                        the use of molten Cryolite as a solvent and to decrease the required operating temperature
                ii.       the need to replace the positive electrodes
                iii.      the cost of the electricity as a major factor

5.3     write ionic half-equations for the reactions at the electrodes in aluminium extraction

5.4     describe and explain the main reactions involved in the extraction of iron from iron ore (Haematite), using coke, limestone and air in a blast furnace

5.5     explain the uses of Aluminium and Iron, in terms of their properties.

 Teaching Order

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