Research Organization

iQNECT - A full commercial solution, powered by world class image recognition technology. iQNECT is the fastest, most accurate and critically, most scalable image and video recognition platform of its kind.

CAVE - Computer Vision Laboratory at Columbia University,New York

Video and Image Processing Lab :- It was founded in 1988, is engaged in research related to theories, algorithms, and applications of signal, image and video processing. Under the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department of College of Engineering in UC Berkeley 

Video and Image Processing Lab :- The Vision and Image Processing Lab is a research group under the Systems Design Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo,Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Vision Lab - University of Antwerp :-The Vision Lab is a research lab of the Department of Physics of the University of Antwerp. Vision Lab's main research area is the development of novel image reconstruction, processing and analysis methods, which are applied in the domain of Tomography,Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Shape modelling, and Remote Sensing.