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Please note that I was the FIRST IN THE WORLD to publish Samaritan Torah translation in English and Russian. Samaritan Ben Tsedaka's translation was SECOND after mine. Not only he published his translation 1 year after mine, but he intentionally mistranslates the text and even ADDS words to the Torah. See Exodus 4:25 for example. His translation is of extremely poor quality and it does not faithfully represent Samaritan Torah text as it was WRITTEN. Not to mention that Tsedaka is not even fluent in English. So if you are looking for an accurate translation of the Samaritan Torah text in English, please read my translation.

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 Masoretic Text (with Idiomatic Translation and morphology)   Aleksandr SigalovText was compiled by manually and electronically comparing several "kosher" Torah Scrolls that are currently in use in the Synagogues. The resulting text is the most precise that you can currently find online and should match 99% of Scrolls and Tikkun Stams (Scroll manuscripts). Verse numbering and morphology is based on the Leningrad Codex. Text and morphology were also electronically compared with WLC 4.14 found here
 Samaritan Pentateuch (with Idiomatic Translation and morphologyAleksandr SigalovText is based on "Vetus Testamentum Hebraicum cum variis lectionibus", (Parallel Samaritan Pentateuch - Hebrew Samaritan), by Benjaminus Kennicott, 1780 [main page here]. The text was manually compared to "Der Hebraische Pentateuch der Samaritaner", (critical edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch) August Freiherrn von Gall,Verlag von Alfred Topelmann, Giessen, 1918 found here.
 Dead Sea Scrolls (with Idiomatic Translation and morphology)Aleksandr Sigalov  / Eugene Ulrich.Presented only variant readings that are different from MT and SP. Electronic text was compiled by Aleksandr Sigalov. Text is based on printed hardcover edition of the "The Biblical Qumran Scrolls: Transcriptions and Textual Variants" (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum), Eugene Ulrich (Editor), Frank Moore Cross (Contributor), J. T. Milik (Contributor), Patrick W. Skehan (Contributor), John Strugnell (Contributor), Brill Academic Pub (October 2009), ISBN-10: 9004180389. For complete commentaries, fragments, reconstructions, and notes please buy this book here. Republished without permission under "fair use" clause.
Samaritan Pentateuch in English Aleksandr Sigalov Text is based on the public-domain KJV Bible.
 ArticlesAleksandr Sigalov Original works.