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Vol. 1 No. 4 | Bolted


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In the Wake of the Quake

After one of the world’s strongest earthquakes obliterated half of Iron Mountain’s Chilean campus, the record storage goliath rebuilt with the help of the only company with steel racking unharmed in the disaster: Mecalux.
Bubbling Up

Polish beverage group pours it on with plant expansion.
Hayat: The Shape of Things to Come
Mecalux is rapidly shaping the future of Hayat’s logistical behemoth in Turkey.
Centralizing Success
EasyWMS helps Barcelona’s home solutions material leader find its logistical center of balance.
Word of Mouth Spells Success
Cleaning product company installs state of the art, fully automated warehouse to sustain its growth.


A Guiding Force Within

The Galileo control software is the man behind the curtain, bringing life to Mecalux AS/RS systems.
Never Make Secondhand The First Option
Understanding the benefi ts and challenges of new, used and refurbished rack.
A Better View
Mecalux is developing an advanced vision technology solution to the problem of deflecting pallet rack.


Nearshoring Trends Slow Offshoring

In order to improve logistics and manufacturing, many global companies are bringing it all back home.


Product Spotlight: Selective Pallet Racking

The Mecalux Group’s most popular rack exemplifies how minor features provide huge advantages.