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Vol. 1 No. 3 | Growth

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Editorial, “Accelerating Through the Recovery” (subscribers only)
Mecalux stemmed the economic tide throughout the last three years and now looks toward improvement.

Five Easy Pieces

We spotlight the five best improvements to the Mecalux WMS.

Rising to the Top

Mecalux is named among the most varied automation manufacturers, largely on the strength of its Clasimat.
High Efficiency in Low Temperatures

Safety and speed make cold storage a hot commodity.

Lean and Green in Sumter

South Carolina shines on as the beacon of warehouse environmental excellence.


The Home of Kings (subscribers only)
The mayor of Melrose Park visits the Interlake Mecalux home office.

Wired for Relief

National non-profit weaponizes supply chain pros against disaster.

Playing Mind Games

Fewer of the world’s robotics engineers are being developed in U.S. schools, but platoons of teens are staying after class to change all that.


Piece By Piece
We look in on the continuing installation at a gigantic logistics warehouse in Turkey.

Out on the Tiles

Mecalux expands high and wide with Spanish ceramic giant to create one of the world’s largest automated warehouses.


blending and packaging company borrows from European design.
Molinos Rio de la Plata, S.A.
Trailblazing cold storage company keeps it cool in Argentina.

Atlantic Rack, “Triple-Threat”

A distribution company dedicated to customer satisfaction goes from truck to triumph in 10 years.


A Florida-based mover and shaker in a mobile world.


Seismic Spike
A rash of natural disasters and the development of Big Box Stores have boosted the demand for seismic resistant construction.

The Weakest Link

As quakes, floods and epic meltdowns still rock Japan, companies around the globe re-examine supply chain diversification

New Tax Law Provides Huge Incentives

Tax initiatives provide deductible expenses that benefit customers if used before 2012.

Open Roads

Pilot program allows drivers clear path between the U.S and Mexico.

QRC: The Evolutionary Bar Code
From manufacturing tracking, to commercial ads and back again, quick response codes are grasping their full logistical potential.

Painting to Protect

The right coating can save products and the environment: three methods that paint a greener picture.

Cold Hard Cash Vs. Greenhouse Gas

As the fight between industry and ecology rages on, both U.S. steel and the environment absorb the hits.


Mecalux: World Scope (subscribers only)
We highlight new installations in the U.S., France and Serbia, and a new office opening in Mexico.

Country Spotlight: Brazil
(subscribers only)
Adapting storage solutions for a booming economy.


Showroom in Barcelona (subscribers only)
The newest snapshots from the state-of-the-art Mecalux home office.
Picking the Successful Brain
(subscribers only)
Pick Module seminar doubles in scope thanks to attendees' bolstered interest