Interlac the Legion of Super Heroes APA

This is a website for
Interlac, the first and still running Amateur Press Association dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The deadline for Interlac # 250 is December 20, 2017
25 copies will be required.

Current Cover: by Marc Svennson

Interlac has plenty of openings on our membership roster. Let me know if you want to join. It does require participation, but the minimum requirement is 4 pages of your own personal zine every 6 months. We have members who do two pages every two months, which is more than enough to stay involved.

We've got here a complete guide to Interlac (and apas in general), what's a zine, what's a collation, what's a Central Mailer, and maybe the answer to the ultimate questions.

Unlike other elected officials, we do follow these!

And moreless, the history of Legion fandom itself

Current Central Mailer Eric Schultheis has a special welcome to all prospective members.

Cover gallery of some of best mailings in Interlac's history, well over two decades!

For more information, contact:

E-mail Eric Schultheis (the Central Mailer).
snail mail=Interlac CM c/o Eric Schultheis, 2141 Kittredge St. PMB-J, Berkeley, CA 94704