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Are you looking to find some interior designers in the Chicago area? I'm happy to report that I decided to share my best tips and knowledge on the subject. Feel free to take my advice. The whole point of interior design is to create a unique, personalized home. It’s supposed to represent you, as a person. It’s to be made custom to your own preferences and tastes. This is where an interior designers comes in. He, is a person who understands the practicalities of making this happen.

The first thing you'd do with an interior designer is set a general direction for the design. What you would do is to ask the designer for an overview of the kinds of designs and styles that exist. I'd recommend he sort them for you by expensiveness levels. 

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What I mean by this is that some styles, like for example baroque, are out of reach for most people, and then going down from there, more and more styles become available to a wider range of people. Make a list of styles you can afford first, and then see which ones you prefer.

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And beware if a designer is pushing you on some super-slick, super artsy design, look for someone else. A design like that will only be cool for 6 months, and then your place looks weird or cheesy. Not what you want to do. If you ask me, I'd go for wood-based, elegant styles. Then again, it is after all your choice, and this is where the interior designer comes into play. 

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Now, let's discuss a certain problem. If you live in Chicago, finding a decent, balanced interior designer can be hard. A lot of them are in the "super-fancy and artsy" category. My recommendation would be to find someone online, or find (if you can) reviews of people that have worked with them.

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Alternatively, a much better option, if you have it, is to ask around friends. Not too many people have that option unfortunately, but it’s worth asking around. Here are some simple tips that you can do to make your living room modern and aesthetically inviting.

First, take a good look around and see if there are things that need to be replaced or updated. While it is true that some homeowners resort to buying new stuff in order to decorate their homes, some of the things that are already there can be updated and redecorated. 

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Not only that it will save you a lot of money, it can also add to the personal touch that you can do to your homes. Have an interior designer look at your stuff and he can help you work on it for your benefit. 

Examine the way your sofa and chairs look. You can beautify these by adding covers. Find some fabrics that will easily match your sofa's texture. You can also add some pillows, too.

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Having good lighting fixtures gives life to living rooms. Well-lit rooms are pleasing to one's eyes. So choose the light that can give you that certain glow you need for your interiors. Sometimes, it's the light that you mainly need to change to get that Chicago feel and look right inside your living room.

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And finally, decorate your walls. You can hang a piece of artwork on that portion, or maybe you can buy carpets to get the fix. You can also consider mounting a Plasma TV so that you won't bore your visitor's on those long football nights.