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The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research provides a vivid portrait of both theoretical perspectives and practical action research activity and related benefits around the globe, while attending to the cultural, political, social, historical and ecological contexts that localize, shape and characterize action research. Cross-national issues of networking, as well as the challenges, tensions and issues associated with the transformative power of action research are explored from multiple perspectives providing unique contributions to our understanding of what it means to do action research and to be an action researcher. The handbook also explores a global action research agenda and map for readers the networks of action researchers in place around the world.

This volume examines the current state of action research theory and practice from three perspectives. First, the book examines what is happening in action research in global regions from the perspective of cultural, socio-economic, historical and political perspectives with an eye towards unpacking the range of practices and challenges of conducting action research in a variety of educational and civil society settings. Secondly, the book addresses the key theoretical perspectives that have ‘mobilized’ action researchers in various parts of the world, with a particular focus on network theory as a way to understand the proliferation of informal and formal action research infrastructures (including technologies) linking action researchers within and across global regions. Finally, the book  examines a number of key issues related to the future development of action research in varying cultural, socio-economic, historical, ecological and political contexts.