Space is the Place

...engaging in dedicated intergalactic archaeology of Sun Ra

Welcome fellow traveler.

Upon finding Sun Ra, you have entered a fraternity of intergalactic knowledge.  Sun Ra's music will ask you questions, but with a dedicated mind and spirit, it will also provide answers.

The intention in this site is to aide in experiencing Sun Ra.  Experience is much more than the simple appreciation of music, which can be taught in any classroom.  Experience is personal.  Experience of Sun Ra certainly does not require any of the material on this site.  One can know the Truth of Sun Ra through simply hearing his voice,  or one song, one note.  The material on this site will more or less provide an academic manner to experience Sun Ra.

The otherwordly nature of Ra inspires awe,  placing one in touch with beautiful harmonies and the gentle caress of sublimity.  Ra is a master over the sublime, it is an ephemeral condition upon this world--but he promises permanent transport to a planet of pleasure by embracing the Alter Destiny, a theoretical future for Man. 

Chronological Musical Exploration

We can think of Sun Ra as many things: a philosopher, a poet, a teacher.  His role as a musicial is, to pardon the pun, instrumental.  This is always in the state of progress, as there are countless Sun Ra bootlegs that would always be welcomed.  Please leave a comment if you can contribute.

Syllabi, Articles and Written Research

As the site's address implies, this blog emphasizes researching Sun Ra.  Of course, as near a complete musical discography is helpful, but familiarizing oneself with the teachings, biography and critical body surround Ra can further illuminate his theories and poetics.  Please leave a comment if you can contribute.


From Pink Floyd to faking the NASA moon landing, the visual element is always a key consideration in both musical performance and space travel.  Please leave a comment if you can contribute.


Resources Instrumental in the Creation of Space is the Place