My first real introduction to Sun Ra was through the film Space is the Place.  I scoured the Internet, and one day made a request on the Stairway to Heaven music forum.  One poster, Mingus, responded--as the downloads fell through cyberspace like the veils of Salome.  At the time, I was wondering the most effective way to make the music and information available.  That was long before I participated in any blogs, and had a much stronger resentment to the form.  I still am skeptical about blogging and the importance of my tastes, yet I also share a classical music blog here.

The first version of this site was hosted on blogger, as I have no knowledge of html or web design.  I eventually moved the site to Google Pages, as I still have no knowledge of html, but found the site slightly more suitable for my vision.

I consider myself a student of comparative literature and literary theory, for what this is worth.  I am an amateur book collector, interested especially in the literature of the insane and delusional.  I am a devoted reader of Marxist-Leninism, with plans to do something with that knowledge--a la the Theses on Feurbach.