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C Band Frequency Usage

Detailed view of the C band frequency usage in the US.
The C Band radar operates within 4GHz to 8GHz.
Chart of United States frequency allocations between 3.7 to 8.025GHz.

3.7GHz to 8.025GHz Frequency Allocation in the US
Click to enlarge the frequency band chart.

The 4GHz to 8GHz frequency range is called the C band in radar; but there are many other uses.
This chart represent the US usage of the frequency range, 1996.

The bar at the bottom of the chart shows:
Green, Non-Government exclusive.  
, Shared Government & Non-Government.  
, Government exclusive.

The Radio-Location bars [yellow] represent radar usage in this frequency range.

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NOTE; "Letter designators of radio frequency bands are imprecise, deprecated, and legally obsolete."