Internet Research, Translations and Advice 

Welcome to Interesearch! 

 Interesearch is an Internet Research service, run by a former Google Answers Researcher, formerly known as politicalguru-ga. 


As "politicalguru"  I answered questions in all subjects and did not limit myself to politics: I also conducted business research, gave marketing and SEO consulting, explained legal and medical issues in "everyday" language, translations from German and Hebrew and naturally also enjoyed the occasional questions, which sent me on a treasure hunt, or were related to my academic interests. 


I am a postgraduate student at one of Europe's top universities in Germany and teach at the Department of Gender Studies; I study new religiosity and I am also interested in popular culture, cyberculture, and political sociology. I have degrees in African Studies and Political Science, as well as a vast experience as a students' advisor. If you're considering whether or not to study something, would like to know more about distance learning options or thinking about studying abroad (in particular in Germany), I can also help.