Unit Planning

Unit Planing

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary unit planning information and materials will be added as attachments throughout the semester. Outlines and processes for the design of units follow recommendations in the fifth edition of Interdisciplinary Instruction: Unit and Lesson Planning Strategies K-8 (Waveland Press, 2015) with modifications to be announced in class. Links to items listed in the attachments section will appear alphabetically throughout the 2015 fall semester. To access an item, select to view or download the file. If you select to view the presentation, it will appear as slides only. To watch the presentation as a PowerPoint presentation, click the arrow at the right to download it, and press F5 to begin the slideshow.

Backward Design
(See backward design items on the "LINKS" page of this website.)

New York State Content Learning Standards

(Click the link above, then select the area & grade level for all New York State 1996 Content Standards & Common Core Standards).
See attachments below for NY State Common Core Learning Standards in:

English Language Arts


Ways of Knowing - Research Processes

Interdisciplinary Unit Plan Outline-2015 Revision (See Text, p. 45)

Multidisciplinary Unit Plan Outline-2015 Revision (See Text, p. 82)

Presentations / Projected Items

UbD Projection: Big Ideas-Enduring Understandings-Essential Questions

Examples: Alignment of Goals, Essential Questions, Assessments, & Learning Standards

Designing Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Units-Parts I & II - Context / Desired Results / Assessment Plan

Designing Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Units-Part III - Constructing a Web Design or Unit Chart

Designing Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Units-Part IV - Writing Lesson & Activity Descriptions 

Books of Interest Relative to Unit Planning

Schneider, M. (2015). Common core dilemma: Who owns our schools? New York: Teachers College Press.
(An historical study of the Common Core State Standards)

Documents and presentations listed above change color from gray to gold if they are included below in the attachments section.
Note that items listed below as attachments are those for the fall 2015 semester only.

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