NSF Workshop on Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Innovative Science & Engineering Fields

November 4-5, 2010

Location: Boston University,

1 Silber Way, 9th floor, Trustee’s Ballroom

Boston, MA 02215

The workshop report is now available for download! All conclusions and opinions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Science Foundation.

Goals: The main goals of this workshop are to: (1) discuss the potential for a shared vocabulary across the different fields that study interdisciplinarity and related issues, (2) elaborate on specific similarities and differences in theory, data, and methods, (3) classify gaps and important future directions in the study of interdisciplinarity, and (4) identify specific infrastructure changes that would enable the study of multi- and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Location: Boston University, 1 Silber Way, 9th Floor, Trustee's Ballroom, Boston, MA 02215

Duration: 9 am, Thursday November 4th through 3 pm, Friday November 5th

Organizers: Susannah Paletz, (paletz@pitt.edu)  Learning Research & Development Center, University of Pittsburgh
                    Laurel Smith-Doerr, (ldoerr@bu.edu)  Sociology, Boston University

Funded by: National Science Foundation Grant #SBE-1047728/10477

Program officers involved in support: 
            Julia Lane (National Science Foundation, Science of Science and Innovation Policy)
            Michael Gorman (National Science Foundation, Science, Technology and Society)