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Granby Players Meeting

Players Meeting Boss de Granby

Welcome to the Boss de Granby, QDGT event # 5 . Welcome to all, especially those who will travel from out of town to attend this event. The Intergolf course is a course that is played entirely on a golf course except for 1 hole, a  hole found in woods....it's still rough, tred with attention!. You will be playing  10 holes , then another 10 on the the same  fairways but with different tee-pads marked holes 11 to 20.  The 2 meter rule is not in effect for this event. All tee-pads are short grass and 2 holes include water hazards. This is a driver friendly course where distance is an asset. However all hole remain par 3's , 3 of them because they haven't invented par 3.5's.  

The PDGA rules are in full effect , refresh yourselves with the  out of bounds and casuel relief rules . More below in the hole descriptions.

On site is a large shelter with chairs and tables....room enough for all of us, and it's a 25 second walk from the parking lot. Right beside is the Pro-shop with bathrooms, heat and concessions...sports drinks, beer, pop, and sugary snacks. During the lunch break, burnt hotdogs  will be served for a small fee .  Your welcome to bring your lunch. It will be a challenge to keep on schedule....we will push for a quick social lunch but aim to get back out there within an hour.

We will be playing a schedule of 40 holes, 2 rounds , 2x10 in the morning/early afternoon and 2 x 10 holes after the lunch break. 

Thank-you to all the players who step up at different events and  volunteer as TD's , grunt workers, and tabulators who graciously helped make the series what it is. Thank-you to the many different sponsors who embellish each event.
Below you will find further information about the rules of play , hole particularities , hazards and Tee-pad assignments.

Hole descriptions

The ' green' refers to the ball golf greens that are O.B. and descriptions are made from the RHBH point of view.

Hole 1  - 325 feet is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds , lots of air , water to the right will be short for the big arms but the golf green can cause a little concern. Should you venture too far left....the tree-line marked  with the wooden stakes marks the O.B. line. The basket is behind the golf green.
Hole 11 ( alternative tee pad on hole 1 ) - longer, and the water is now a concern.
The 'Drop Zone'  is only used for the water hazard penalties.....not the OB line on the right side of the fairway, discs retrieved or lost in the pond proceed to the drop zone.

Hole 2 - 240 feet is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Lots of air ,  if you don't put a birdie in the bag we will see you pouting . An advantage goes to the lefties backhand and righties without a sidearm will make sure their anhyzer doesn't open up and fall to the green left.
Hole 12 ( alternative tee pad on hole 2 ) - longer and a little tighter. In wet conditions, players will encounter casual water on this hole.

Hole 3 - 355 feet is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Beside the few trees that may grab you, there isn't much to say. Slightly up hill, dangerous green for the big arms and the best shots are power shots that follow the straight line and turn and hold a little. Slight lefty advantage.
Hole 13 ( alternative tee pad on hole 3 ) - longer , and that's about it. The accent is on avoiding the green on the long approach.

Hole 4 - 380 feet is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. There is no reason to go left here, yet players do. Lots of air , and if you enter left, lets just hope it's not deep. If you pierce more than 7 feet from the tree line, your in sh*t creek. No O.B. left, casual water yes, and thick , thick, thick. In severe cases of deep penetration, the seldom used ' unplayable lie' rule may be an advantage. also, righty advantage.
Hole 14 ( alternative tee pad on hole 4 ) - longer by about 50 feet and the 2 trees , 30 feet in front of the tee pad tighten up the options.

Hole 5 - 240  feet is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Its amazing how many people don't birdie this. They bought expensive discs and got the pro bag and attended the clinic.Whats up with that ? ..its a freebie for your frisbee. I think that's the problem, it's too easy. You've been fighting for the par and all of a sudden your handed a piece of cake. Definitely a righty advantage. The medium mounds on the green close to the basket have messed with nice looking drives and what you thought was parked, got up and rolled onto the O.B. green. A good shot won't do that.
Hole 15 ( alternative tee pad on hole 5 ) a little longer  but not by much , but much tougher. You'll probably see a different type of shot from everyone in your group.....still, you want a birdie.

Hole 5(a) -250 feet  is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. You want to go in the front door at all costs. Tight, uphill and iIt's about placing your short straight drive in front on the door step that will give you a view of the basket 60 feet away. Fail to do that...start counting.
Hole 15(a) -250 feet( same tee pad as hole 5a, exactly the same hole )

Hole 6- ( hole 6 in the photo)  275 feet down hill, is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Lefties smile when they get to the pad as do sidearm executioners . Can you throw a putter than turns and holds.....try it out. If you start to laugh when someone in your group lands on the green, politely turn away and conceal your emotions. This hole always provides a shake-up on the scorecard.
Hole 16 ( slightly different tee pad location as hole 7, the angle is just a little more severe )

Hole 7( hole 7 in the photo)  430 feet, slightly down hill, is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds.
Your bag is full of extra long distance drivers, let it rip....but if you bragged about your 400 feet drives during the players meeting, your reputation is at stake. Have your list of excuses ready...just in case. Big air, the boss, the katana and the like were designed for this hole...many player take advantage of this hole to meet other players in other groups on other fairways.
Hole 17 ( slightly different tee pad location as hole 8, longer and tighter

Hole 8( hole 8 in the photo)  410  feet  is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds. Basically the same as the previous hole in terms of launching the bomb. Less options and righties will want a driver that turns. Not sure if anyone has surpassed the green on this one, usually they opt to land on it.The basket is tucked within some trees and always looks closer than it is on your upshot.
Hole 18 ( slightly different tee pad location than hole 9, tighter and somewhat squeezed and limiting.

Hole 9( hole 9 in the photo)  370  feet ,is played in the 1st and 3rd rounds.If the headwind isn't present you may want to go for the green just for the thrill of it.Try and view the green prior to the start, it will help you figure it all out. There is a water hazard that can affect your very long drive, approach or putt.
Hole 19 ( slightly different tee pad location than hole 9, about 60 feet longer,tighter and somewhat squeezed and limiting.

Hole 11 ( 23) and 12 (24) will only be available on tournament day in the spirit of limiting the advantage of home course hero's.
  • Please walk around all the ball golf greens when possible, and kindly remind others to do the same.

  • Please repair all marks on ball golf greens caused by your disc if you know how, if not ask others