Dear friends and colleagues,

Did you ever have a hard time understanding someone with another cultural background? 

Are you interested to learn a bit more about Bedouin culture? Then, this is the place...

Welcome to my dissertation site! You will find here a study on the subject of challenges and opportunities in intercultural friendship. It is a qualitative research study, based on my friendship with a Palestinian Bedouin. 

I wrote the dissertation as part of the requirements for a Doctorate (PsyD) in Clinical and Organizational Psychology at the Professional School of Psychology, in Sacramento (California), under the guidance of Dr. William Bergquist, Dr. Jessica Muller, and Dr. Haim Weinberg. 

You can download the final version of the dissertation by clicking here.

I hope you will enjoy reading. The dissertation has four parts. Part I provides the introduction, followed by a methodological overview of the study. Part II includes the theoretical background of the study as regarding interculturality and friendship. This is followed by a chapter on the Jahalin Bedouins. Part III describes the differences on four cultural dimensions. Especially this part is filled with intercultural examples, "stories of friendship" as I called them, taken from my personal life. Part IV presents the conclusions and implications.

You can read from the start to the end. However, the different chapters are relatively independent. So, it is also possible to read only parts, and still receive an impression. If you are mainly into life stories, I suggest you go directly to the chapters in Part III. 

I much welcome any positive or critical comments! 
Please, feel free to share anything that comes to your mind in response to my writings.

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Greetings from Jerusalem,

Dr. Daniel Weishut