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Case study reports

The project has produced 14 case studies:

Case Studies

CS 1: Good Practice in Educational Partnerships Guide.

CS 2: East Midlands International Students Working Group.

CS 3:  Role of the agents in widening participation in the UK Higher Education.

CS4: Leicester - Gondar Medical Link.

CS 5: National Union of Students (NUS) engagement with internationalisation.

CS 6: Developing an institutional approach to international collaborations: The University of Nottingham.

CS 7: Collaborative development of an online module concerning employability and entrepreneurship.

CS 8: Staff Development in China.

CS 9: Transnational Education.

CS 10: Staff development in the UK.

CS 11: Chinese Students’ Learning Experience in the University of Northampton.

CS 12: eChina-UK and Global People

CS 13: Staff Development in India.

CS 14: The Teaching International Students (TIS) project.

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