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watch face(s) play creative role(s):: future(s) / mission(s) / scratch / spread(s) / ... the essay Noise as new Politics (by Chinese sound artist Yan Jun) focuses on sound, language through both social and technical aspects. The angle on which Yan Yun approaches the matter of noise is an interesting and poetic one. It does not literally focus on the obvious noise scene as a cliché or illustration but determines the idea of noise into a variety of essential parts of life such as communication, rituals, meaning and shows us the development of powers, society and their cultural impact. It tries to grasp but not pinpoint, and therefore offers us tools to reflect. The fact that noise and it’s poetry is the new politics lies at the core of the series, and therefore shows us the importance of creativity in society. In that sense civil disobedience is the spine of evolution, be it on a societal or personal level. Cracking things open can only be achieved when we dare to let confusion be a part of our daily life and understanding. The accompanying record offers clear sound examples of this idea ...  campaign(s) against noise @ facebook motivation(s) ...[http://inspire.eliens.net ...

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