Keep Students Interactive, Engaged and Learning

Interactive Educational Technologies recognizes the importance of providing teachers and students with engaging instructional technology solutions that are proven to increase student learning and achievement.  Our 21st Century learners are plugged into the world through phones, games, and computers from an early age.  They use all types of electronic tools to interact with family and friends, information, games and television polls.  Once students enter schools they frequently have to power-down.  Interactive Educational Technologies provides the tools and resources to keep your students powered-up to be Interactive, Engaged and Learning.
Our goal at Interactive Educational Technologies is to provide you with the very best classroom technologies to educate your students and guide your instruction.  We are proud to partner with eInstruction to offer student response systems, interactive whiteboards, and ExamView Assessment Suite.  These interactive classroom technologies keep students engaged and keep teachers informed with real-time data.

Many schools are looking at one-to-one computing to incorporate project-based learning with 21st Century Learning Skills.  Interactive Educational Technologies has recently partnered with Kuno and CurriculumLoft to offer a complete solution for managing a one-to-one learning environment with the Kuno Android Tablet.  These tablets are an excellent resouce to utilize with eInstruction's Virtual Clicker. 

Our team includes educational professionals with classroom experience and building and district leadership.  Let us put that experience to work for you through hands-on training for teachers, building leaders and district leaders.