Henry Heilbrunn leads creative and innovative idea-generation and business and product opportunity development as a strategic management consultant and visiting university professor in the U.S. and internationally.

Consulting since 1993 and founder of Interactive Directions, Heilbrunn brings a number of careers to these advisory services and academic placements – a national journalist and in senior management at The Associated Press for nearly 10 years; a founding executive of multiple startup online services from the days that personal computers were initially introduced through the height of the Internet; and a visiting university professor, teaching how to develop innovative new forms of media and communication. He served from 2010-13 as a national trustee of Ohio University, a state institution of higher education with 30,000 students.



  • Strategic planning
  • Interim executive: CEO, COO
  • Business development
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing strategy, program development and evaluation
  • Interim staffing: Startup or turnaround
  • Visiting or interim professor
  • Concentration: Innovation and creativity to develop the future
  • Multi-disciplinary: Media, communication, business, technology
  • Graduate or undergraduate level
  • Full, partial or short term assignment
  • U.S. or international availability