INTENTION 14 2012-2013 event info is now at

Please join the googlegroup chat list where most of the action will be – to connect with lead organizers and other participants. Only critical info will be announced on FB Group & Event Page.


INTENTION is an opportunity to practice the universal art of community, deepen our ability to cooperate, open our hearts, and harness the gifts we each bring.

Intention is a five-day, four-night event where a village of all ages convenes to celebrate, share workshops, perform, dance, play, heal, decorate, rejuvenate, share meals and have fun. As the new year is a natural time for ritual, we honour our gifts of the passing year and focus our intentions for the coming one. Intention is a time and space for being authentically ourselves in a dynamic and inspirational community setting. We top it off with an amazing New Year's party to lovingly let go of the year past and embrace a new turn around the sun.

During our 5 days of Intention together, we share 3 dance parties including NYE All-Nighter, New Years Ritual, Temple Night, 30-50 Workshops, Live Music, Passion Show/Cabaret, Tribal Market, Opening & Closing Circles, as well as meals and spontaneous fun.

Intention is co-creative and participant-driven. We share our personal gifts and learn from the community. It is an opportunity to work together with old friends and new faces to create a safe container for a rich exploration of music, art, self-expression and creativity. Everyone is encouraged to find their own way to connect into the organizing flow and become involved in the production.

Connect & Inform

If you are thinking about attending, please join the new chat list:
This is where most of the action will be and how you will be able to connect with other participants.

Have a look at last years info to give you a sense of things if you haven't attended before:


There are many ways to participate & every person who comes to Intention is invited to contribute to its creation. Please review the list on the PARTICIPATE section and see if there is an area where you can get involved or come meet pod leads at a meeting to get more info!

Location & Dates

Intention 13 will be held again at a secluded, private camp an hour from Vancouver. Intention begins on the afternoon of Thursday December 29th 2011 and ends during the afternoon of Monday January 2nd 2012.

Websites & Links

Intention 13 Winter Retreat Event page:
Intention New Years Eve Party 
Intention 13 website:
Googlegroup email chat list:!/TribalHarmonix