Intense Basic Alpine Climbing 2018
Welcome to The Mountaineers! Thank you for your interest in the Intense Basic course. This course is designed as a compressed version of the standard Mountaineers Basic course. It involves 9 continuous days designed to give you all the same skills as the standard Basic Climbing course.

The course was founded in 2013 by Gene Yore and John Ohlson. These two long-time Mountaineers found a need for a shorter version of the Basic Climbing course. It has provided dozens of climbers an alternate path to become mountaineers, and many of our graduates go on to take the Intermediate Climbing course, advanced courses, and have become Climb Leaders who lead trips for the Mountaineers. 

This page is intended to provide you with information about the course. Please read this thoroughly, and should you have additional questions please email us at

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  - Nick Block           
  Intense Basic Chairman



Climbers on the approach to South Early Winters Spire, a basic rock climb