What is IntelliPass?

IntelliPass is an intelligent password lockout system, which increases or decreases the number of password attempts by a user based on their past behavior. Typically password lockout mechanisms are static, which is to say; they will lock a user out after a specific number of unsuccessful password attempts. IntelliPass on the other hand will look at the user’s past behavior and dynamically increase or decrease the number of unsuccessful password attempts. For example, if a user gets locked out every time he/she tries to enter a password, based on his past user behavior Intellipass will increase the number of unsuccessful password attempts by a pre-specified number. Similarly, if a user logs in the first attempt every time, number of his unsuccessful password attempts may decrease by a pre-specified number.

The other feature of IntelliPass is to throw random automation prevention like a captcha or delay in password attempts to prevent abuse of functionality.

IntelliPass will be configurable for following details:

  1. Minimum number of unsuccessful password attempts.
  2. Maximum number of unsuccessful password attempts.
  3. Number of increased/decreased unsuccessful password attempts.
  4. Password automation prevention technique to be employed
    1. Captcha
    2. Time delay in subsequent request
  5. Duration for password lockout (in minutes, 0 would mean manual unlock).

Why do we need IntelliPass?

  1. Flexible and intelligent password lockout mechanism. It will handle password lockout in a more efficient way than static lockout mechanisms.
  2. Help in reducing support calls while still providing better security.
  3. Help in minimizing password lockout abuse of functionality.
     Click here to download the functional specification