Simple AfD Close Finder


Current Version 


  • Use is on english wikipedia only.
  • The primary use of this tool is in conjunction with WikiProject AfD Closing.
  • Will check to see if the {{afdoldfull}} tag is added to the talk page of non-deleted articles. The tool recognizes the tag in both the subst'd and the unsubst'd versions.


  • Unzip both files (.dll and .exe) to the same folder. Click on the .exe, and the program will start.
  • Tell it what day to check, and press the start button.
  • Please note that this tool does not work on current AfD disscussion logs. The reason for the is that these pages will say that there is no {{afdoldfull}} tag on the talk page).

Known bugs

  • If the result of the AfD was redirect, the tool does not follow the redirect (created as a result of the disscussion).


  • .NET 2.0 must be installed