Backup helpmebot

A backup bot for wikipedia-bootcamp 

Current Version


    This "bot" purpose is to take over when the toolserver is down on wikipedia. 

  • When the .exe opens it will check once at the {{helpme}} category and the two helpdesks.
  • Every 180 seconds (3 minutes) it will recheck the {{helpme}} category and the desks.


  • Download the .zip file, and unzip it.
  • When it puts up a warning box, go to your IRC client and paste into the input window. (CTRL + V).
  • Please don't minimize the window, if you do, it cannot alert you activily. (still will work, but it won't alert you when a change is detected.)
  • Else just let it run untill someone is able to bring up the normal bots that sit in #wikipedia-bootcamp 

Technical Info

  • .NET 2.0 needed. (windows)