Ceramic Resonators - Ideal low cost Microcontroller Clock Oscillator

Ceramic Resonators with integrated capacitors are ideal accurate low cost oscillators for Microcontrollers in frequency from 1.79 to 50MHz. We offer not only industry standard frequencies, but specifically designed useful frequencies for MCU without floating point programming. Baud rate frequencies offer popular RS232 serial port communication, such as 9600 bps, without the requirement of an UART port. Bit rate frequencies are hexadecimal value timings great for precise I/O port pulse periods outputs or inputs.

MCU dwg

We offers numerous useful frequencies for MCU applications. The following are examples of popular useful clock frequencies available:
  • Popular TV video and FM radio:500 KHz, 2.00 MHz, 3.579545 MHz, 4.00 MHz, 4.433619 MHz, 503.5 KHz
  • Baud Rate clock, commonly for data transmissions: 1.8432 MHz, 2.4576 MHz, 4.9152 MHz, 7.3728 MHz, 11.0592 MHz, 1.2288MHz, 480 KHz, 14.7456 MHz, 16.5888 MHz
  • Bit Rate clock for even binary and hexadecimal value I/O:1.048576 MHz, 2.097152 MHz, 2.4576MHz, 3.2768MHz, 4.194304 MHz, 4.608MHz, 5.0688 MHz,
  • Polaroid Sonia Transducer for distance: 383 KHz
  • IR Remote Controller: 429 KHz
  • HART - Highway Address Remote Transmitter Modem, 1200 Baud: 460.8 KHz
  • MCU 8051 with Internal Serial Port: 11.0592 MHz
  • MCU Zilog Z180 with Baud Rate: 12.288 MHz
  • MCU 6856: 8.064 MHz
  • Oki Speech Processor : 8.192 MHz
  • Standard clock for typical sound and audio processors and systems: 16.9344 MHz
  • Other popular useful higher frequencies: 18 MHz, 18.432 MHz, 22.1184 MHz, 25.175 MHz, 28.63636 MHz, 29.498928 MHz, 29.4912 MHz, 35.328 MHz, 49.152 MHz
ZTS Ceramic Resonator® 3 leads through hole and ZTSC surface mount, integrated with 30pF load capacitors are great oscillators for MCU, such as 8051/48/31, PIC16/17, 68HC05/08/11, Z8, SMC62, COP8, MSM64/65, H8, ...etc.
These ceramic resonators have fast start up rise time typically at 50µsec. Frequency accuracy is ± 0.005 fosc, (±0.5% frequency tolerance). Operating temperature range is from -20C to +80C. Volume price of popular frequency such as ZTS 4.00MHz is below 20¢ each. Average production lead time is 2 to 4 weeks.

Ceramic resonators are well suited for low power battery applications on Vcc as low as 1.8 Volt to and minimal current to below 1 mWatt power. Advantages of ceramic resonators compare with quartz crystals are ¼ in cost, ease of PCB auto insertion, reflow soldering & washable, excellent temperature range, and small physically size similar to ceramic capacitors.

Integrity Technology Corporation also produces industry standard ZTA Ceramic Resonators® and ZTB Ceramic Resonators® without capacitor for frequency from 400KHz to 50MHz. Please factory for ZTS through hole in bulk and ZTSC and ZTBF Surface Mounted in Tape and Reel options.

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