Integrity Partners

Expert witness in mechanical and materials engineering 

The Principal, Dr John Price, is Australia's most experienced expert witness in his fields.
Dr Price was formerly a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Monash University.
He has also had an international
engineering career in several industries.

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If physical evidence or reports are available, Dr Price has Australia’s best credentials as an expert witness. 

Technical fields include: explosions, fracture, failure investigations, machinery and equipment, manufacturing, maintenance, risk analysis, industrial injuries .

Physical evidence includes fragments, fracture surfaces and testing results and includes all solids; metals and non-metals.  

Dr Price has conducted hundreds of practical and theoretical investigations as well as personally undertaking optical and scanning electron microscopy, mechanical testing, non-destructive testing and mathematical studies. 

In-house facilities

    • mathematical modelling
    • photography
    • illustrations including 3D models and animations
    • optical microscopy 
    • editing to legal requirements

MEDIA   John Price has been a frequent commentator on nuclear power and the Fukushima accident.


Technical fields

Failure analysis: materials, fractography, microscopy,

fracture mechanics (API, ASME, BS7910, R5, R6)

Explosions and fires
 high explosives, hydro-carbons, LPG, petrol, dust

Machinery, design, operation and failures:
pipelines, sub-sea and land, pressure equipment;
 mining equipment,  electricity generation;
 transport, rail, heavy vehicles and automotive;
mechanical engineering design;
welding, bolting and joining;
lifts and cranes.

Maintenance and inspections: 
Risk analysis (QRA, API RBI), 
Supervision of non-destructive and mechanical testing

Occupational health and safety: Slips, falls, manual handling, 
injuries involving failure of equipment and operating instructions

Microscopy: optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

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