TPACK Model:

The Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge Model is a visual framework for understanding how to effectively use technology within the curriculum to make significant strides in students' understanding in a subject area.  Each section or domain of the TPACK model has unique interactions.  The main goal for teachers is to work towards the centre section of the model. Teachers need to have a deep understanding of their content and an understanding of how to teach - which may differ from one subject to another.  In addition, teachers need to have an understanding of available technology but more importantly how technology can be used in conjunction with subject specific content and pedagogy to create meaningful learning opportunities for their students.  
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TPACK in Music Contexts

This video explains how the TPACK Model applies to music education in this example with regards to practicing.  

TPACK and Music

One of the challenges with using TPACK with music education arises from ensuring the key areas from the overall expectations of the Ontario Music Curriculum: creating, performing, reflecting, responding, analyzing, exploring forms and cultural contexts find their place in the model.  

Here are some sample questions from a Musical TPACK Questionnaire (Bauer, 58).  I found these helpful in trying to understand the nuances that exist between the 7 domains of the TPACK model.  
The TPACK model helps teacher to understand that Technological Knowledge is just one domain in the overall landscape of classroom.  Having technical knowledge however allows teachers to create and implement a learning environment to better meets the needs of their students.  

"If music teachers have a fully developed understanding of the affordances and constraints of various technologies, and have thoughtfully considered ways in which those technologies interact with musical content, pedagogy, and the classroom environment, students may benefit from approaches to music study that can potentially enhance and even transform their learning experience." (Bauer, 62)