Tech Tools 4 Teachers

Technology is changing the way we do many things.  Teaching and Learning continue to benefit from these innovations.  Teachers are often overwhelmed when trying to learn new technologies, while developing meaningful lessons that keep students engaged and learning.  This site is for those innovative teachers who want to integrate technology into their classrooms, and need some professional development.  We will focus on Web 2.0 technologies because they are freely available to all teachers and students who have internet access. 

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit[1] educational organization, created in 2006 by Bangladeshi-American educator Salman Khan, an educator and graduate of MIT. With the stated mission of "providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere", the website supplies a free online collection of more than 2,600 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science.
Check out the Kahn Academy.

Hippo Campus provides high-quality multimedia content on general subjects for high school and college age students.  The site is free and contains a large library of content for teaching and learning.  Hippo Campus subjects include: Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Religions, Statistics, as well as many AP courses. Teachers can also create their own HippoCampus homepage where they can assemble playlists for easy access to video lessons.