Integrated Scope
What is an Integrated Scope?
Integrated scope is a measuring Instrument just like a Digital Storage Oscilloscope with certain additional improvements. The prototype of this device developed is capable of performing almost all of the functions of a conventional Digital Storage Oscilloscope. The word "Integrated" is coined since this Instrument is capable of measuring and analyzing multiple physical quantities such as temperature, current, pressure, etc and this forms one outlining feature of this device in contrast to Digital oscilloscope. But the prototype developed limits the measurement of physical quantities to three -voltage, current and temperature.

Why Integrated scope?
In modern world Oscilloscope is a must have instrument for every engineer, student or a hobbyist, mainly because of the facilities that it provides. But because of the high cost of digital Oscilloscopes it becomes unaffordable and remains out of their reach leaving them to rely upon the institution labs. Also developers, learners will be interested in making measurements of physical quantities with resp
ect to each other for example temperature with respect to voltage especially while developing a heater, or current with respect to voltage to know the phase shift. In the modern world Analog and Digital Systems operate in a mixed domain environment, Engineers are forced to rely on more than four to five instruments to do their job. Assembling a bench full of instruments capable of handling these systems can be a formidable and costly undertaking. Keeping in mind the cost, the versatility of usage the Integrated scope turns to be a solution.

What are the primary objectives?
  • Make the scope cheaper that is lesser than 10000 INR.
  • Bandwidth of 100 MSPS.
  • To have almost all of the features of digital oscilloscope such as advanced triggering, XY plot, zooming, panning, etc.
  • Measurement of 1 parameter as a function of other parameter ex: current vs voltage.
  • Matlab GUI using which the user can communicate with the scope.
The focus of our project is to build a framework in which multiple physical parameters can be measured and displayed on screen. Spectrum Analysis, Triggering, GUI interface and XY plot are some of the major features which we are planning to implement in our project.

What are the chief components that we have used in the implementation of Integrated scope?
The Integrated scope consists of the following main systems:
1) Input Unit

·       Measurement probe

·       Input channel

·       Level shifting and attenuation circuit

·       Input buffer

2) Data Acquisition system

·       Analog to Digital converters

3) Microcontroller

·       TM4C1294

4) Control Panel

·       Switches

·       embedded microcontroller

5) LCD and Matlab GUI interface

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