Welcome to InTechEd.org - the website designed to help you integrate technology into your classroom
The purpose of this website is not to give tutorials for specific technology applications, tools, software, or hardware - there are more than enough resources for that. This website is intended to help bridge the gap between the technology and learning. Many schools have teachers who struggle to use technology as a part of their instructional plan, and I hope that the information and resources provided here will encourage teachers to look beyond the "tools" and focus on the learning.
It is not about the stuff - you can have an engaging activity or lesson without any technology - the goal is to provide learning opportunities that use technology to raise the level of critical thinking, problem-solving, and 21st Century skills.
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This website will continue to grow and evolve as resources are shared and created. If you have a resource you would like to share, please contact me at kgcreagh@gmail.com

“If you bring in these technologies and don’t think about how they’ll be used to promote learning and the acquisition of skills, then the only thing that will change is the electric bill.” David Thornburg

Things to consider when integrating technology into your classroom:

It isn't about the stuff
Many people mistake technology integration with the equipment and "stuff" associated with technology. Actually, technology is simply any tool (from a pencil to a keyboard) that assists the teacher and the students in acquiring skills and demonstrating knowledge. You don't have to purchase the latest gadget or invest a lot of money into installing equipment in your classroom or school.

Start with the learning
When you plan to integrate technology, it is important to start with what you want your students to learn, or to be able to do at the end of the lesson (as you should with any other lesson). Once you have your standard or objective identified, you can then choose from any number of resources available to integrate to support the lesson.

Mix it up
Technology can support any part of a lesson (Introduction, review, teacher-led instruction, class discussion, assessment, and data collection). 

Ask the kids
Be willing to ask the kids for suggestions (after all, they will be the ones doing the work). Be willing to compromise or to let your students take the lead. The students need to be involved in the process, ask for their input when designing the rubric and checklist for projects.