'Planet Cracker'

Preliminary Results : Surveillance Operation 'Planet Cracker'

View this Route via Dotlan.  Yes, 200+ jumps in one sitting.


So often new obscures old. The apocryphal devastation was phenomenal,

and yet with it came a new age.

Many who pioneered the exploration of these systems beyond the wormholes did not return.

Those who succeeded inspired new hope for the factions for years warring over ever dwindling resources.

Meanwhile, little exploration of the shattered planets within our own systems had been performed.

Easier to feast on new hopes than to lament that which was lost.

And so, one year on, the honour fell to a group of dauntless volunteers ...

... Granted a modest budget and an ageing Cheetah class vessel, we,

the Ladies of the Deep Space Astrogation Auxiliary quietly paid homage to those that lost everything ...

... so that all may observe and contemplate our sacrifice.

A savage route through hostile factions sovereign systems was braved, with little time to ensure peaceable travel ...

... yet the spirits sang and passage was safe.

A full year and this shattered debris has still not drifted to the aether, a visual reminder.

Wounded hearts., but not broken ...

... Not broken.

So the Ladies reach out and present these findings.

A moment, if you will, for these still and forgotten pockets of the cosmos...

... May their energies sing once more.


Eugenie Lefevere of the Ladies Auxiliary